Hello! I’m Stephanie, artist, painter, and founder of The Beautiful Painting CoI enjoy working with plaster and paint.

As an artist, I've painted in the ateliers of New York City, beautiful California beach homes in Santa Barbara, Montecito, and Ventura, and historic mansions in New Orleans.

I want to bring the elegance of antique wall treatments and fine art to all of my projects. You'll find me working on each layer of color, detailing faux finishes by hand.

I'm passionate about creating unique interior atmospheres for my clients to express their own unique style. Whether it's a boutique café in Santa Barbara, a wine tasting room, or a private residence, my approach is to create art out of an interior that is one-of-a-kind magical.

I see the possibilities of transforming a space with colors and textures. Your walls and interiors are the canvas for creative expression. We can make your place more inviting, adding atmosphere and personality into your tranquil oasis with just a stroke of a brush.

I’ve exhibited my artworks on canvas, painted furniture, plastered and painted walls. My interior painting business first began with a mural in a 1930s Los Feliz home. I lived in New Orleans for a while and flourished as an artist, gaining many interior projects and painting commissions. 

I believe that creativity and imagination should not be limited when it comes to making your property stand out. Paint adds depth and beauty to any space with decorative painting. My passion for color dramatically transforms any space, giving it a touch of personality and elegance. Contact today to find out how we can transform your interior. Accepting painting projects in Santa Barbara, Montecito, Ventura, and Oxnard, CA, and the surrounding areas. 


I value my customers as a partner in our collaboration.

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